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Our representative offices: Moscow: +7 (495) 108-76-75
Управляющая компания "Арматор"
General Director “Armator”
Our mission
We strive towards maximum expansion of the professional business management culture among Russian companies by providing our clients with high quality services in this area thus helping them to develop their business.
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Our view of the future
We aspire to become the major management company, the best for our clients in satisfying their needs in managerial services and assisting their operations to be successful.
Philosophy of our business, business credo
Our credo is to assist Russian business to develop by providing services that considerably increase profitability and effectiveness of managerial processes of our clients.
  • Provision of the full range of company management services tailored to the client’s needs;
  • Increase of assets managed by us on an annual basis;
  • Increase of a number of services for managing certain processes of the clients’ companies.
  • Support and perfection of the quality management system (QMS) as per MS ISO 9001:2008 requirements; increase of its performance through constant improvement.
  • Creation of internal corporate culture promoting our personnel development.