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Our representative offices: Moscow: +7 (495) 108-76-75
Управляющая компания "Арматор"
These companies trust us with their business:
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”(Consulting)
ЗАО “Обитель”
ЗАО “Обитель”(Energy-saving engineering systems)
ООО “Арт-Массив”
ООО “Арт-Массив”(Woodworking)
ООО “ИТ-Базис”
ООО “ИТ-Базис”(1С-franchisee)
ООО ТД “Талан”
ООО ТД “Талан”(Trading company)
MosPicnic(Restaurant consulting and catering services)
«We create an integrated infrastructure for managing advanced technological and science intensive projects and programs, bringing in investments from owners as well as from the State»

The “Armator” management company provides venture projects management over the full life cycle of the innovation product.

The managers and experts have created the system for the following:
  • Scientific and technical expert review, marketing review as well as assessment of market appeal of the R&D (research and design) results;
  • Assessment and analysis of economic efficiency of various business cases;
  • Selection and ranging of projects;
  • Preparation, expert review, submission and justification of business plans for selected projects;
  • Identification of companies for sale in Russia, CIS, abroad, pre-sale preparation.
Consulting and analytic support of venture projects
  • Establishing the corporate innovation process;
  • Forming of a project team, selection of specialists for resolving specific scientific, technological, production issues of the customers;
  • Organizing execution of various scientific, technological or production turn-key projects;
  • Assisting the Russian and foreign producers with appropriate certification required by the Russian authorities;
  • Technological audit (Review of technological regulations);
  • Selling companies to strategic investors, assisting with M&A (mergers and acquisitions).